About Us

Land Development Agency

 The LDA is a commercial, State-sponsored body that has been created to coordinate land within State control for more optimal uses where appropriate, with a focus on the provision of housing.

The LDA will improve the way the housing market functions by:

  • Working with State bodies and Local Authorities to make more effective use of State lands, providing a stable, sustainable supply of land for housing.
  • Improving the planning system to facilitate State lands being used for housing.
  • Acquiring and developing land in a selective, targeted way that boosts housing supply.
  • Delivering rental market initiatives that provide affordable mass-market tenure.
  • Investing in research and innovation to identify new and better ways to deliver new homes.

Galway City Council

The vision for Galway City is to be a successful, sustainable, competitive, regional city that creates prosperity, supports a high quality of life and maintains its distinctive identity and supports a rich cultural experience. A city that is environmentally responsible, mobilised to combat climate change and resilient to challenge. A city that can develop, attract and retain talent and skills and fosters innovation and creativity. An inclusive, diverse city where civic engagement is valued and a shared vision is pursued through good governance and leadership. A city that offers sustainable and quality choices in housing, work, transport and lifestyle opportunities.